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Aon Denmark A/S

17. oktober 2022

Industri: Aon Strategic Advisors & Transaction Solutions advise on de-risking of transactions by providing best in class M&A insurance solutions, Risk & People Due Diligence, PE/VC fund and portfolio company insurance solutions.
Adresse: Strandgade 4c, København K 1401 Danmark
Telefon: +45 26231409 | +45 32607205
Kontaktperson: Sune Hallander

Om Aon Denmark:
Aon Strategic Advisors & Transaction Solutions advise on:

  • M&A insurance – a strategic tool financing/transferring a seller’s warranty breach risk to an A-rated insurer. It allow seller a material clean exit, maximize sale’s proceeds; accelerate distribution of funds; decrease execution risks; limit SPA liability; replace escrow etc. Buyer can get adequate warranties, increase protection and extend survival periods in excess of the SPA; avoid opaque legal structures; ignore a seller’s credit risks etc. “Known matters” solutions ringfence material risks identified/quantified – often within tax, environmental, IPR or litigation.
  • Risk (insurance) & People (pension/benefits) Due Diligence – provide financial, insurance, pensions/benefits due diligence for transaction support for enhanced investment, pricing and strategic decision-making.
  • PE/VC fund insurable risks – identify and transfer of insurable risks facing Private Equity and Venture Capital clients.
  • Portfolio company insurance review and solutions – programme placement and fit for purpose assessment of PortCo’s insurance contracts focusing on cost, coverage incl. un- and underinsured exposures and loss runs.

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