Due to the pandemic, Active Owners Denmark’s Summer Academy is postponed till the summer of 2022.

Summer Academy for Active Ownership

Active Owners Denmark’s Summer Academy is a 3-day course aimed towards students and young professionals to give a deeper insight into private equity.

As a participant, you will gain knowledge on various topics within the private equity as well as understanding how the different segments within and around private equity operate, such as private equity funds, venture funds and business angels, and the surrounding core areas; tax, law and strategy. Furthermore, the academy serves as a good opportunity to further strengthen your networks across studies and professional relations.

Who will you meet?

At the academy, there will be presenters and speakers representing the industry from various areas, i.e. investors, entrepreneurs, lawyers and CEO’s.

What do we expect?

We expect high engagement from the participants and active participation in discussions and debates.

It is mandatory to participate all days during the academy.

All participants who complete Active Owners Denmark’s Summer Academy will receive a diploma as proof of participation and will also become a part of the Active Owners Denmark Alumni.

Remember, you can find Active Owners Denmark on LinkedIn.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Carina Høedt, cho@aktiveejere.dk, +45 3051 1618.

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