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Welcome to Active Owners Denmark

– the trade association for Active Owners in Denmark

The members of Active Owners Denmark own companies and work to create growth and prosperity in Denmark. Our industry consists of everything from private investors, funds and family to venture and private equity funds and large pension funds alongside all those advising them.

The members of Active Owners Denmark make small entrepreneurs big and make both small and large companies better. Our business model is to ensure the development of the individual companies and thereby enhance its value. Through the increased value we ensure that the Danish pension savers, the Danish treasury and the rest of the investors, make money on their investment.

Active Owners Denmark represents the collected ecosystem of investors in Denmark and we help our members politically, communicatively and by bringing them together in both internal networks and external networks. Active Owners Denmark is a small and agile association that builds on the unique competencies of our members who help us in our work.

We and our members are very aware of the responsibilities we have towards the Danish society. We support the invisible social contract between the Danish citizens and the business community, where the politicians offer competitive framework conditions and stability, while the business community is transparent and conducts itself in a responsible manner. Though our actions and our ground rules the members of Active Owners Denmark will show responsibility.

We want to help the Danish society transform. We want to help innovative companies get better; make Danish successes into export successes. We want to invest in the ecological transition of Denmark, in a sustainable Denmark and to contribute to making Denmark climate neutral.

Active Owners Denmark is the trade association for a wide range of investors in Denmark and concentrates on making Denmark an even more attractive place to invest, both nationally and globally.

The DVCA (Danish Venture Capital and Private Equity Association) has changed its name to Active Owners Denmark, to better reflect that we embody the whole ecosystem of active owners, and that our members exert active ownership in their investments.

Members of Active Owners Denmark:


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