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Active Owners Denmark Secretariat

The secretariat focuses on providing information about venture capital and private equity, and creating networking opportunities, both for people in the industry and for companies looking for funding.

Henrik Sass Larsen


Ask about: Membership, PR, press contact, policy and presentations

You can contact Henrik at

Peter Christensen


Ask about: Membership & Policy

You can contact Peter at:

Bo Sandberg


Ask about: Economics, economics cycles, tax policy, international economics, policy, regulatory framework, consultation responses, press inquiries

You can contact Bo at:
or 28503819

Maria Rask Hetoft Larsen


Ask about: Member services, network, committees and activities

You can contact Maria at:
or 28112552

Linh Nguyen


Ask about: Our annual reports, analyses and our buy-out list

You can contact Linh Nguyen at:

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