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Officielt: DanBAN er ”Best Performing EBAN Member 2016.”

16. juni 2017

Ved dette års EBAN Congress i Malaga var nogle af Europas mest succesfulde business angels samlet. Her blev der uddelt en række priser til business angels i særklasse. DanBAN løb med en af aftenens mest prestigefyldte priser; Best Performing Member 2016.

EBAN motiverede deres valg af DanBAN som det medlem med bedst performance i 2016, således:

Sound results of the activity:
  • In 2016, DanBAN members ecited 21 companies with an average Moneyback Multiple (MBM) of 2,8.
  • During the period 2014-2016, DanBAN members have exited a total of 78 companies with an average MBM of 2,83.
  • Uniquely, all DanBAN members are required to submit investment and exit information. Thus, the information above is the total population and include several total write-offs every year.
  • in 2016, 67% of all DanBAN members made one or more investments (up from 60% in 2015). This represents an exceptionally high engagement ratio. Measured on this ratio, probably amongst the most active BAN’s in Europe.
  • DanBAN grew its membership by 18%, net to 109 members.
  • DanBANs 109 members invested EUR 23 mio. in 2016, up almost 75% from 2015 (EUR 13 mio.).
Succesful collaboration with local community:
  • In 2016, DanBAN established a LinkedIn community to engage with all stakeholders in the start-up and early stage community. Today, membership exceeds 1100, i.e. ten times the number of DanBAN members. Thus their reach extends far outside memberships.
  • After several years of lobbying, Vækstfonden (The Danish Growth Fund) and EAF announced a Danish Matching fund (investment capacity EUR 54 mio.). One of the first two certified angels is a DanBAN member. DanBAN turned a very negative attitude from Vækstfonden into a positive one.
  • In 2016 DanBAN extended an offer of association to the other BAN’s in Denmark. To date, two, VESTOR and IFC have accepted the offer. Thus, they now number 180 members. The goal is to unite forces on a national level. Their objective is to bring a further two networks on board in 2017 and to reach 250 members by year-end.
  • Since 2014, DanBAN has organized the Annual Danish Business Angel meeting, bringing all Danish BAN’s together. This year there was close to 200 participants, a new record.
Engagement in EBAN activities and with other EBAN members:
  • Jesper Jarlbæk, DanBAN Chair, currently serves as Board member and Treasurer of EBAN. Jesper has led the effort establish a sound, professional fiscal management of EBAN, since his appointment in 2014. Virtually every element has been replaced and upgraded.
  • DanBAN has heavily promoted the efforts to strengthen NordicBAN and has encouraged FiBAN to take a lead role in this. This effort is led by Esben Gadsbøll.
  • DanBAN organized the first NordicBAN delegation to the ACA meeting. By bringing the 20-person strong NordicBAN delegation to the EBAN reception at the ACA, a very visible statement of EBAN’s strength and cohesiveness was demonstrated.
  • DanBAN has organized delegations to visit Estonia and Finland on several occasions, and has formed syndicates to invest in Finnish and Estonian startups.
  • DanBAN was host to the 2015 EBAN Winter University. The event was co-hosted with Creative Business Cup and brought 800 participants to a three-day event in Copenhagen.

Et stort tillykke og godt arbejde til alle medlemmer og partnere i DanBAN. DanBAN’s medlemsanalyse fra 2016 kan findes her.

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